April 4


Rylie Granger Congratulates Jonathan Shaw.

Rylie Granger, the President and co-owner of Dental Medical Careers, wishes all the very best to Jonathan Shaw for the new work opportunity. We are delighted to see his progress and wish him every success. We’re also grateful to Jonathan for trusting Dental Medical Careers and allowing us to find a position that matches his goals.


If you are aspiring to grow professionally just like Jonathan, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. We appreciate interacting with people and aiding them in reaching better opportunities in dentistry and healthcare. We hire for private practices, small group practices, and large DSOs across the country. Our primary goal is to learn more about you so that we can better serve you. Dental Medical Careers is always eager to hear from you and provide you with the best possible assistance. Get in touch with Dental Medical Careers for more details.

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