You need a high-quality candidate. Like…yesterday.

Every day without the right person is costing you money. And stressing you out…big time. But while you want to fill that open position fast, you don’t want to make the same mistakes you made last time; hiring someone who doesn’t work out in the end.

What We Do

Associate Dentist Recruitment

We connect dentists to practice owners nationwide

Executive & Sales Recruitment

Hire the talent your health care  business needs to thrive

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Practice Transitions

Whether you are buying or selling, we’ve got this

Introduction to Dental Medical Careers, Inc.


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You want someone who’s a perfect fit for you and your business.

Someone who compliments and adds to the energy, personality and level of excellence you’ve established.

Someone who mirrors your clinical and business philosophies.

Someone who won’t bail on you last minute and leave you in a jam.

At Dental Medical Careers, we use our proprietary resources, professional relationships and years of experience to find, vet and connect you with the absolute best candidates for your unique business while you spend your time doing what you do best. 

When you partner with Dental Medical Careers, you receive:

  • Concierge level recruiting that carefully manages every phase of the hiring process for you.
  • Fully vetted candidates that fit your culture and criteria.
  • Expert guidance and support throughout the process.
  • Immediate access to us should you have questions or need additional support.

We don’t simply push resumes to your inbox. We thoroughly vet each and every candidate so you’re presented with only high probability matches.

Whether you want to find that perfect-fit team member, buy or sell a practice, or uplevel your own hiring practices, we can help.

I want to thank Randa and her entire crew. They worked tirelessly and never gave up on finding me the right fit for my practice. Awesome job!

Dr Rafael A. Perez

Wichita Falls, Tx

It was a good experience working with Rylie. She was really good answering all the questions in a timely manner. She made the process look easy. I really appreciated the service that I received from her

Dr. Edgar Mantilla

I had a great experience with Dental Careers! Rylie reached out to me and set up a meeting with the office I signed on with. She was very prompt and professional as well as incredibly helpful. Additionally, she was consistent with follow ups to make the process of finding a new position efficient and simple! I would definitely recommend Dental Careers if you find yourself in the position of looking for a new job.

Dr. Abby Williams

I've had nothing but positive things to say about Rylie. She has gone above and beyond to answer all my questions about the company. I hope to see myself a part of this amazing team!

Brenda Alvarez

Rylie at Dental Careers is amazing! She was very helpful and got me in touch with different dental practices looking for associate dentists. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a recruiter’s help to finding the perfect position!

Dr. Elaria Ghobrial

Randa got me in touch with the right people. A very friendly experience

Dr. Joshua Bronner

We hired the first doctor whose resume, profile and background were provided by Dental Careers. He was carefully screened and selected and was a good fit. The process and communication were efficient and timely. We appreciate the hard work and assistance from Randa and Rylie who were professional and excellent at what they do!

Rula Saba

Amazing people to talk to! Great communication. Certainly, recommend to anyone!

Dr. Uzi Kamal

Rylie is awesome. She is very good at describing the potential job and employer. She is professional and courteous. She also follows up in a prompt manner. She is a valuable asset to Dental Careers.

Martin Torres

Thank you, Rylie Granger, for providing such a pleasant, cheerful, supportive experience in the hiring process. I was very impressed with how knowledgeable and well-spoken she was about the company she was recruiting for. She kept in constant contact throughout the fast process. Many thanks will definitely recommend Rylie to others.

Marry M

I worked with Rylie to find my full-time position. She has been very kind and helpful during the process. She is very detailed oriented and thorough and was by my side during the process of signing contract. I definitely recommend Rylie.

Dr. Khashayar Changi

I had an amazing experience with Rylie. She was very helpful and diligent. She answered all my questions and was super helpful. I will definitely be doing more transactions and work with this company because of how amazing Rylie treated me

Abdul Khan

We work with several different recruiters and Dental Careers staff sends us more, better qualified candidates than anyone else! They’ve been a great help to our company and would recommend them to anyone needing to find a doc!!

J. Sanchez

I enjoyed working with Rylie. She was very professional and kind! Thanks again, team!

Britany Con Limon

I had the pleasure of liaising with Rylie at Dental Careers. I found her help invaluable. At every stage of the interviewing process she communicated well and helped me to gather very valuable information in my pursuit of a position as an associate dentist. I highly recommend Dental Careers and would say with conviction that you won't be let down as a dentist looking for a position. You will be given good information, guidance and all the relevant facts to help you come to the best decision that is right for you and your family. Many thanks for all of your help.

Dr. Elizabeth L Hersey

Thanks,Rylie and Randa, for all of your help. You have been so instrumental in helping us get back on our feet! We really appreciate it.

Becky Daniels


Hello, we are Dental Medical Careers

It’s our pleasure to meet you! We’re excited and honored that you have chosen to get to know the amazing, experienced people behind Dental Medical Careers. We know you will find each one of them to be genuine, caring and extremely passionate about helping you.

You have seen us:

Henry Schein Dental Business Institute, Henry Schein Dental Faculty, AADOM, National speaker for Invisalign, AAPD,  and ASDA National Leadership