October 1


Congratulations from Dental Medical Careers

Randa O’Connor – CEO, and Co-Founder of Dental Medical Careers congratulates candidate Brett Poole for joining the amazing team of 3D Predict. She also talks about her excitement about the new technology that 3D Predict is bringing to the field of modern dentistry.

If you, or any of your practitioners, are passionate about clear aligners, getting in touch with 3D Predict is a wise choice. Stay tuned as we are going to provide you with the latest information on this disruptive technology every week.

We appreciate Dr. Marina Domracheva, founder and CEO of 3D Predict, for making us a partner as you expand your experienced and highly successful team.

If someone is looking for a career option in the field of modern dentistry, medical, and healthcare, do drop us an email today!

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